I’m Irene, an award-winning 3D designer


I’m Irene — an experienced 3D designer. I design and bring to life immersive environments. My work combines creativity and technical precision. Have a look at my portfolio to see my creations.

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3D design

I specialise in 3D design, creating detailed and immersive environments. My designs are both visually stunning and technically precise. Whether it's for games, films, or virtual experiences. I ensure each project is unique.

Art direction

As an art director, I guide the visual style and creative direction of projects. I work closely with teams to develop cohesive and impactful visual narratives. My aim is to ensure that every element aligns with the project's vision, delivering a polished and professional final product.

Visual design

I create compelling and aesthetically pleasing visuals. I combine colour, typography, and layout to produce designs that are not only beautiful but also effective in communicating your message. From branding to digital content, I strive for excellence in every detail.

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